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    MCAT Tutor: Video Series

    Coming Soon: Content Launch November 2019

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    We are current medical students, graduating this upcoming spring, who know all-too-well the struggle of preparing for the MCAT and other board exams. We're here to share the material tested most often on the MCAT in a tried-and-tested way that we know students love.

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    Our Philosophy

    Here's a reality: Pre-medical students are overloaded with resources to study for the MCAT, but given no guide on how to use one comprehensive resource successfully. Between rigorous classes, 2000 dollar "prep" courses for the MCAT such as the Princeton Review or Kaplan, and numerous textbook resources such as ExamKrackers that come with no targeted review aids, the truth is that students struggle to fully integrate their study materials into a busy and challenging set of courses. We're here to change all of that -- free of charge!

    Content Launch: November 2019